Who we are

We are an information technology company

Providing Web Site Hosting, Web Site Development and Support for the Internet Community.

Providing Design, Support and Management for all your IT Systems

No project is too big or too small. Designing and installing a wide spectrum of networks, from wired and fiber networks, to meshed and secure WiFi installations for homes and small businesses.

We are an technology manufacturer

We design, manufacture and sell wireless sensors.

We provide project design ideas for the Do-It-Yourself Community

With our online services we provide a complete monitoring solution.

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    Wireless communications simplified

    JemRF is our brand for wireless sensors that work with our monitoring services.

    Customers are using our services for their restaurants, their homes, and other specialized businesses.


    DIY Home Automation

    Home Automation and Monitoring Projects using a Raspberry Pi

    We provide Internet based monitoring for both the home designers at our PrivateEyePi.com site and professional monitoring with our Elno.io System.

    We have wireless sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Sensors to alert on water leaks, motion in room detection for security, plus window and door sensors.

    Using the Raspberry Pi or our WiFi Wireless Gateway MQTT features, a home developer can build their own custom monitoring applications.


    Seltron, your home for all your computer related needs.

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