Welcome to Seltron

Seltron is a multifaceted company focused on World Wide Web applications, services, and the manufacture of devices for the Internet of Things.

We are an information technology company that provides Web Site Hosting, Web Site Development and Support for the World Wide Web Internet Community.

We work with the Microsoft Family of Products as well as various Linux versions.

We can design and install all spectrum of networks, from wired and fiber networks to meshed and secure WiFi installations for homes and small businesses.

We have years of experience in setting Windows Domain Group Computer Security Policies for CIS and basic HIPAA compliance.

We provide Internet based monitoring for both the DIY user at our site and professional monitoring with our System.  Customers are using our services for their restaurants, their homes, and other specialized businesses.

We manufacture wireless sensors under the business that work with our monitoring services. We have wireless sensors to measure temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Sensors to alert on water leaks, motion in room detection for security, plus window and door sensors.

Seltron, your home for all your computer related needs.
Our main office now in Columbia, Kentucky and  houses our hardware manufacturing facility.

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Thank you.

Providing Design, Support and Management for Your IT Systems